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NPS Horses on Half-Rations


    Boy, the ASPCA better not hear about this.
    Things are so bad in Washington, D.C., that not only don't the Park Service's Mall Police have a farrier to look after their steeds' hooves, but apparently they've been running out of food.
    A story by WUSA television blames both problems on paperwork snafus. Which seems par for the course, don't you think?
    Regarding the food shortages, here's the gist of an NPS memo the television station got its hands on:
        Effective immediately, all horses will be fed half rations of grain. This is needed as there is a significant shortage of grain available and questions about when we will receive a new order. Please increase hay ration.

Now the television station is reporting the paperwork has been straightened out, but the contractors who provide both the food and the foot care need to be contacted.


Sadly, this snafu won't help Park advocates convince Congress that the NPS is a well-managed organization that is well-deserving of and much in need of additional funding.

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