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Lodging in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Lodging inside the park is quite simple -- you have one option, the Glacier Bay Lodge. Set in the forest overlooking Bartlett Cove, this small clutch of buildings offers simple, yet comfortable, accommodations. Its arrival in 1966 spurred tourism to the national park, as it gave visitors a place to stay.

Due to the relatively short season -- it's open only from the Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day -- and the 56 rooms, you must plan a good bit in advance to secure a room when you want it. Most visitors stay, on average, just two nights. 2011 rates ranged from $199 for a Forest View room to $224 for an Ocean View room. An additional charge applies for more than two persons per room.

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The Glacier Bay Lodge is right on Bartlett Cove. ARAMARK Parks & Resorts photo.

Accommodations are in buildings that flank the main lodge and which are connected by elevated boardwalks. Inside the lodge is the dining room, a sitting area facing a gas fireplace, a gift shop, and, upstairs, the park's visitor center.

The gift shop carries the requisite T-shirts, fleece layers, hats, local artworks, and a small amount of toiletry items. It also sells telephone calling cards, which can come in handy due to the lack of cellphone coverage.

Outside the park there are a number of bed-and-breakfast establishments to choose from:

* Gustavus Inn

* Blue Heron Bed and Breakfast at Glacier Bay

* Glacier Bay Country Inn

* The Annie Mae Lodge

* Bear Track In

* Cottonwood Lodge and Cabin Rentals

* Good River Bed and Breakfast

* The Growley Bear Lodge

For more options, check this page.

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

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