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Yosemite National Park

A Mountaineer's Life

I first heard Allen Steck’s name when I was flying and climbing in the Owen’s Valley of California in the early 1980s. His exploits, along with Norman Clyde, Doug Robinson, Galen Rowell and John Salathe, were legendary. Known by the moniker, the Slim Fox, the mountains have been his home.

UPDATED: Fly A Drone In A National Park, Be Barred For Life From That Park

Yellowstone National Park staff never was able to recover a drone that crashed into Grand Prismatic Spring back in 2014. And Yosemite National Park investigators were unable last year to find a drone pilot whose aircraft forced a park helicopter to land out of safety concerns. What if those who illegally fly their drones in parks are banned from the parks for life?

Treasures Of The National Parks: Yesterday & Today

There have been many times as I have visited a national park over the years that I have wondered how the landscape has changed. What was it like in a world before walkways, hotels, gift shops and parking lots? How would it have been to visit Yellowstone before it was a wildlife reserve; the Grand Canyon when it was more of an obstacle than a wonder of the world; Yosemite when you had it to yourself?

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