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Yosemite National Park

Study Finds That Giant Sequoias Are Being Impacted By Drought Driven By Climate Change

Giant sequoias, long viewed as majestic, impervious guardians of the high Sierra, are beginning to struggle with the multi-year stretches of drought, according to research conducted in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks and elsewhere in the Sierra.

Exploring Winter’s Wonders In The National Park System

It started in mid-September; a few flakes began to flutter across the Crown of the Continent in Glacier National Park. The snow since then has slowly spread east and west, north and south. By January the white mantle likely will cover the whole northern tier of the National Park System, from Acadia west to Olympic, south through Rocky Mountain, into Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountain national parks.

The Siren Song Of The JMT

Such a pitiful throw. I watched my boot wobble above Mono Creek, then— in what seemed like real-life slow-mo—bounce against a rock and flip into the rushing current. Gone, gone, gone. Barefoot on the bank, I screamed, cursing my idiocy for tossing my boots instead of carrying them across in the wading shoes lent by my new friend, Doug Crispin. My life flashed before my eyes there on Mono Creek, days from anywhere. But then, someone was crashing through the creekside foliage.

UPDATE: 13-Story-Tall Slab Of Rock Calves Off El Capitan, Kills One In Yosemite National Park

For the second day in a row Thursday a massive slab of rock peeled from the face of El Capitan and fell to the floor of the Yosemite Valley. This rockfall, though larger than the one Wednesday that killed a British citizen, resulted in no fatalities but did injure one, Yosemite National Park officials said.

Interior Secretary Says Contractors, If Needed, Should Help Reduce Fuel Loads On Public Lands

If federal land managers, including those in the National Park Service, don't have the resources to reduce fuel loads in their forests, then private contractors should be hired to do the job, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Tuesday.

Where Do You Draw The Line On Erasing History In The National Park System?

History can be a messy, controversial thing. That's evident with the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia; Baltimore, where a number of Confederate statues were removed under dark of night; and even in New York City, where the mayor has called for a review of "symbols of hate." But what should be done in the National Park System, where monuments abound to Confederate generals, troops, and, of course, presidents who owned slaves?

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