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Death Valley National Park

Musings From Death Valley National Park

November sun sets at 4:35 p.m. in Death Valley. Early because we’re on the eastern edge of Pacific Standard Time. It’s only 6:30 p.m. and I’m already tired of reading. All around my campsite there are others sitting in the dark. Most are sitting beside campfires. Quiet talk fills the evening along with delicious odors of cooking food. Somewhere not too far away, someone quietly plunks on a guitar.

Visiting Skidoo In Death Valley National Park

The history of Death Valley is intimately connected with the California gold rush and dreams of striking it big. Today, the National Park Service protects many of these early mining sites allowing us to catch a glimpse of a bygone era. In this fourth episode of Death Valley Explorer, discover how miners extracted gold at the Skidoo stamp mill, the largest water powered stamp mill in the Mojave Desert.

Death Valley National Park Personnel Want Your Thoughts On Restoring Scotty's Castle

Scotty's Castle, the iconic, history rich mansion in Grapevine Canyon of Death Valley National Park, now is not expected to open before 2020 as National Park Service personnel take public comments on how they plan to rehabilitate the castle and rebuild the Bonnie Clare Road that leads to it.

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