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Chaco Culture National Historical Park

How's the Weather? Chaco Culture National Historical Park Nets Award for 75 Years of Keeping Records

The weather seems to be a subject of almost universal interest, but have you ever wondered how meteorologists gather all those statistics from remote locations? One answer is found in a recent award to the staff at Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico.

New Visitor Center and Museum at Chaco Culture National Historical Park Come With Challenges

Still standing centuries after they were built, the ruins at Chaco Culture National Historical Park in northern New Mexico have weathered centuries of storms, winds, and tortuous sun. More recent structures have struggled to stand such a test of time.

Researchers Exploring Cave Dwellers From Bandelier National Monument's Long Ago Past

The American Southwest is honeycombed with ruins from long-past civilizations. Mesa Verde National Park and Canyon de Chelly National Monument are well-known for their cliff dwellings, while at Bandelier National Monument the sandstone walls are pocked with "cavates" used as shelter centuries ago.

The Dark Side of National Park Visits

When you're planning a visit to a national park, don't overlook the dark side. No, we aren't suggesting you join forces with Darth Vader, but many parks offer a great opportunity to enjoy a view that's unfortunately becoming increasingly rare—the night sky. An upcoming nationwide event and several other opportunities can help you protect and enjoy the beauty of the night.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park Campground Closed for Emergency Repairs

If you're making a visit to Chaco Culture National Historical Park this summer and your plans include camping, be sure to do some homework in advance. The campground in the park is currently closed for emergency repairs—and don't count on your trusty GPS unit to find a backup site!

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