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Secretary Zinke's Positions On National Monuments Link Him More Closely To Pinchot Than Roosevelt

Though he likes to be seen in the image of Theodore Roosevelt, by his actions Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke seems closer to Gifford Pinchot, the country's first chief of the U.S. Forest Service who viewed natural resources as existing to be consumed by people.

Wildlife Crossing That Would Aid Mountain Lions In Santa Monica Mountains Closer To Reality

Help may be on the way for an at-risk population of mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains, as the California Department of Transportation intends to move forward with building a wildlife crossing over busy Highway 101, which could both help reduce the number of animals struck and killed by vehicles in addition to increasing the genetic diversity of the pumas by bringing new big cats into the area.

Shooting Wildlife In Fall…With Your Camera

It’s not just landscapes, however, that make autumn such a spectacular season for you and your camera. The wildlife opportunities are wonderful, as well. Elk emerge from higher elevations for the rut, birds like the ptarmigan begin changing to their winter colors, and you’ll see fox, bears, marmots, and coyotes, many of them feeding and fattening up before entering their winter hibernation.

Drought Reveals Unknown Breeding Habits Of Toads In Santa Monica Mountains

The prolonged drought in California had at least one silver lining for researchers studying wildlife in the Santa Monica Mountains. Native western toads were found to be breeding in September, the latest ever known observation for the species, which has a breeding season that typically begins in late January. Western toads need pools of water to breed, and without winter rains, it wasn’t until an unusual summer rain event, caused by Eastern Pacific Hurricane Linda, that the toads in this particular spot bred.

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