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Conservation Groups Pan Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan Released By U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service

A recovery plan for the Mexican gray wolf released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service falls far short of enabling the species to rebound, according to conservation groups that panned the plan for not providing enough habitat or allowing wolf populations to grow large enough before delisting.

Bryce Canyon National Park Schedules Christmas Bird Count

On December 7, nature lovers and birders of all levels of experience will gather at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah to participate in the world’s longest-running citizen bird census. The National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count, now in its 118th year, is an annual event that brings together volunteers across the United States, South America, Canada, and distant Pacific islands to assist scientists in the monumental task of assessing the health of bird populations.

Study Shows High Salmon Use In Wolf Diets In Lake Clark National Park

Living in a landscape containing salmon fisheries, it should come as no surprise that wolves in southwestern Alaska, including those in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, eat a diet surprisingly heavy in salmon. A recent study published in the Canadian Journal of Zoology also found a possible increase in wolf pack stability in packs making regular use of salmon as a food resource.

Some Elk Herds Show Early Signs Of Adapting To Chronic Wasting Disease

Researchers have found that elk herds infected with chronic wasting disease for decades are genetically different than herds that haven’t been exposed to the fatal disease. It all comes down to a specific gene and a relatively rare variant of a protein. Elk herds with a long history of CWD have the rare version of the protein at twice the frequency when compared to herds that do not have CWD.

Reduction In Wind Cave National Park's Bison Herd Benefits Other Herds

Wind Cave National Park recently conducted a capture and processing operation to reduce the size of the park’s bison herd by 131 animals. Partnering with wildlife managers in four states, these bison will be sent to establish conservation herds or augment existing herds managed by The Nature Conservancy, Arizona Game and Fish Department, and the Kalispel Tribe.

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