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National Park Foundation to Host Conference on Philanthropy in the Parks

A first-of-its-kind, invitation-only gathering convenes in Austin, Texas, this weekend to discuss philanthropy and partnerships in the national parks. Hosted by the National Park Foundation, the Leadership Summit on Partnership and Philanthropy is intended to raise awareness of park philanthropy and bolster charitable giving to the park system.

Management of Lady Liberty Discussed in Congress

UPDATED: The United States Congress is mad at the National Park Service. Congress cannot figure out why the parks are not listening them, after they've been asked more than once by the House to open up the crown of the Statue of Liberty. Congress has given unsolicited money to Liberty to get it open, and there had been a campaign which raised millions from across the nation for the same purpose, but still, 6 years after it was closed, there remains no public access to the crown.

Centennial Projects: Do They All Prepare the National Parks for the Next 100 Years?

A $12 million jazz museum. Marketing the parks for a specific industry. Installing composting toilets. These are some of the centennial projects that the National Park Service believes will "add sparkle to America's 'Crown Jewels.'" Am I the only one wondering how?
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