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It's Amazing What You Can Do With Duct Tape: National Park Art!

Badlands National Park in duct tape/NPS

Duct tape artworks by Chad Farnes revolving around the national parks will be on display at Homestead National Monument of America/NPS graphic

Growing up, duct tape came in one color: grey. But with the advent of duct tape in a veritable rainbow of colors, artists are taking tape in hand and creating masterpieces. One of those masterpieces, of Badlands National Park, will be on display through May at Homestead National Monument of America in Nebraska.

The exhibit, National Parks in Duct Tape!, will be on display from May 3 through May 28. The exhibit features landscape pictures made from duct tape by tape artist Chad Farnes. 

Mr. Farnes was raised in California and moved to Utah to attend college. He originally stumbled across tape art when a roommate used painter’s tape to decorate a wall. Mr. Farnes began creating his own wall creations and eventually expanded into using other types of tape, such as masking tape and duct tape, and different surfaces, such as canvas. He has exhibited at several locations around the country, such as the Utah County Art Gallery and in Brooklyn, New York, at the Crest Hardware Art Show.

“We are excited about showcasing this unusual art form during the centennial year of the National Park Service. It’s wonderful to see National Park Service sites inspiring such amazing work,” said Homestead Superintendent Mark Engler.


Too good for "the Red Green Show" (for those of you that have seen his uses for duct tape).

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