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Take Advantage Of All National Parks Traveler Offers

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Are you taking advantage of all National Parks Traveler offers? Here's an overview:

Parkipedia. This is the only crowd-sourcing approach we know of to build the most robust guides to the national parks. Contribute your knowledge of your favorite park, or parks, and gain from the knowledge shared by others. This feature of the Traveler is open to everyone who has created a free account. Create an account and enter Parkipedia here.

Traveler trips. This summer we are kicking off the first of a variety of trips across the National Park System. Our four-day float down the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument offers you a chance not only to enjoy the beauty of this national monument in northeastern Utah and northwestern Colorado, but offers time to discuss the national parks with noted park historian Dr. Alfred Runte. Author of National Parks, The American Experience, Dr. Runte also was a consultant to Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan on their documentary of the parks, The National Parks: America's Best Idea. Evening discussions around the campfire will touch on the future of the National Park System, the concept behind the park system, and the role of private citizens and corporations in the national parks. During the day, pick up photo tips from award-winning photographer Patrick Cone and discuss all things parks with Traveler Founder and Editor-in-Chief Kurt Repanshek. Spots are limited. Book by May 11 to ensure a spot on this trip.

Traveler gear. Take pride in being a national parks traveler and reduce garbage in the parks by purchasing a Traveler water bottle. Made entirely in the United States by Liberty Bottleworks, these handsome bottles hold 24 ounces of your favorite beverage and can easily be refilled at parks with water-filling stations. Purchase a Traveler water bottle, quench your thirst out on the trail, and take pride in supporting Traveler's daily coverage of the national parks. Details can be found here.

* Traveler's weekly newsletter. Are there days when you can't find the time to visit the Traveler's website? Sign up for our weekly newsletters and you won't miss a story.

* Following Traveler's Facebook page. Though the Traveler website is our flagship, we do maintain a Facebook page to keep readers on top of not only the latest articles, but also on images submitted from around the National Park System. It's a good place to admire the beauty of the parks and share your enjoyment of the parks with other park travelers. You can find the page here.

Check out Traveler's flickr page. The beauty of the national parks is captured by hundreds of photographers, professionals and just plain park travelers, and shared on our flickr page. At last count there were nearly 6,400 images from more than 300 photographers. It's a great place to see the parks, and pick up ideas on how to frame your next park photo. You can find the page here.

* Become a Traveler member. By becoming a member of the Traveler, for just $9.95/year, you gain access to forums where you can further discuss park issues ranging from campgrounds to wildlife watching, and benefit from discounts on books, lodging, and outfitted trips. For details, visit this page.

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