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National Park-Scented Clothing? You Can Do That!


Ahhh, the sweet scent of national parks. You've had the chance to freshen your bathrooms with it, and now you can leave your clothes smelling park fresh!

Under a marketing agreement reached with the National Park Foundation, the folks at Arm & Hammer have come out with laundry detergents that carry scents "inspired by nature." 

There's a detergent tied to Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska ("Dive in to the fresh, crisp scent of America's most pristine waters"), Acadia National Park in Maine ("Envelop yourself in the relaxing, calm scent of dusk on the shores of Maine"), and Yosemite National Park in California ("Revitalize your senses with the scent of rolling fields of flowers on a warm summer day.")

These detergents follow the lead taken by Air Wick fresheners a few years ago when that company canned "the rare essence of our national parks."

No word on how much of each sale of laundry detergent goes to the Foundation. 


What about the smell of sweaty maintenance workers and rangers trying to keep the parks in good shape and helping visitors enjoy them?

Or the memorable odor of a carcass -- human or otherwise? Or the scent of a well-used bear trap? Perhaps the aroma of a dumpster that, because of budget cuts, can no longer be emptied three times a week?

They're missing out on a few of the essences that some of us remember very well. This is American marketing genius at its finest. The possibilities are endless.

I wonder if the Glacier Bay scent is Bartlett Cove at low tide? Or whale breath? Both distinctive and wonderful, but not what one would want to be wafting into the air....especially the whale breath!

I dunno...I guess this stuff can't be any worse than the fragrances (I use that term loosely) that some of the ladies "bathe" in where I work.

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