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New Video Celebrates America's Wilderness And Cultural Ties To It


The value of wilderness can be defined in many ways. In the following video produced by the National Park Service, the cultural side of wilderness is explored through the Mojave tribe.

Mountain Memories: Spirit Mountain Wilderness follows an elder of the Mojave tribe as he takes us on a spiritual journey through Nevada's Spirit Mountain Wilderness.

The Spirit Mountain Wilderness in Lake Mead National Recreation Area is believed to be the birthplace of the Yuman tribes of the lower Colorado River, so it is only fitting that we explore this mystical wilderness through the lens of the Mojave Creation Myth. Through lyrical storytelling and personal memories, we get a rare glimpse into the cultural significance of this wilderness site, and we witness the deep connection that the Mojave people have to this natural landscape.

The reasons for valuing wilderness protection in this country are as varied as the wilderness parks themselves. This particular video offers a cultural perspective.

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