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Trail Access To Rainbow Bridge National Monument Restored


Barring an unforeseen event, Rainbow Bridge National Monument in Utah was scheduled to reopen Friday after crews rebuilt a trail that had been washed out earlier this month.

Crews completed the construction of a temporary trail, as well as debris clean-up and the repair of docks. The temporary trail travels through a portion of the bed of Bridge Creek, so visitors should be aware of the weather over an extended area and the potential for flash floods. Visitors should not enter the trail if the potential for flash flooding exists.

The trail was damaged after heavy rains fell in the area two weeks ago. The damage included the loss of approximately 150 feet of trail between the dock and the first shade structure, with a 21-foot drop-off into Bridge Creek.

Repairs were completed by the National Park Service Roads and Trails crew, ARAMARK, and Brown Brothers from Loa, Utah.


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