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Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve Says Gravel Bar No Longer Safe For Plane Landings


A gravel bar at Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve in Alaska that long has been used by bush pilots is no longer safe for planes to land upon, according to park officials. Going forward, the National Park Service will not take responsibility for pilots who decide to land there.

The gravel bar located at Gelvin’s Cabin on the Charley River is commonly referred to as Gelvin’s Airstrip.

"This unmaintained landing area suffered damage from spring floods earlier in the year," park officials said in a release. "It is strongly recommended that pilots inspect the gravel bar prior to attempting a landing. Any attempted landing is the responsibility of the Pilot in Command (PIC)."

According to the release, there are other landing options for skilled backcountry pilots to access the Upper Charley Drainage. However, "these alternative landing areas require short field expertise and landing site evaluation skills. The NPS urges pilots to fly within their skill levels and have a safe flying season," the park said.

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