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Construction Coming To Devils Garden At Arches National Park


Heading to Arche National Park next month? Watch out for the construction around Devils Garden. Crews will be installing new toilets and sidewalks near the trailhead, and that will cause congestion and delays.

The work begins August 5, and will continue into early October. To avoid the construction area, park officials have the following advice for visitors:

* Enjoy the first 16.5 miles (26.5 km) of desert landscape along the scenic drive, and then turn around at Sand Dune Arch parking lot to return to the visitor center.

* Visit Devils Garden on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. There will not be construction activity on those days.

* Make alternate plans such as visiting other destination points in the area.

* Modify your itinerary to visit the park after October.

No water will be available at Devils Garden trailhead during construction. Visitors are strongly encouraged to fill water bottles at the Arches Visitor Center prior to driving up the park road.

Construction is planned to continue through early October, and will be completed in phases to allow the area to remain open to the public. Work includes: replacing existing toilets with larger models, installing benches for increased seating, replacing the water fountain, adding accessible parking spaces, providing tour bus parking and extending the sidewalk.

All park roads and trails will remain open throughout the construction period. Devils Garden trailhead accesses Landscape Arch, Double O Arch, Dark Angel, the Primitive Loop and other major arches in the park.

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