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Climate Change Workshop For Teachers Coming To Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Next Month


Teachers will travel to Stockton Island to learn about climate change impacts in the Apostle Islands as part of the "Changing Climate - Changing Culture" teacher institute scheduled for July 15-18. NPS photo.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore will be participating in the 2013 Parks Climate Challenge program using national parks as classrooms to educate students about climate change, thanks to funding provided by the National Park Foundation.

The ability to learn about this important issue through a hands-on, science-based field curriculum, has proven a positive model through which to reach students.

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore’s Changing Climate, Changing Culture teacher institute is scheduled for July 15-18. This professional development program is based at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center in Ashland, Wisconsin, with field experiences in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest; Apostle Islands, and neighboring tribal communities. Program information and registration materials are posted at this site.

The Changing Climate-Changing Culture Institute provides what’s missing in most climate change training and teaching -- the integration of climate change science with place-based evidence of how it is affecting both the environment and people. Participants discover how climate change is affecting cultural traditions of the Lake Superior Ojibwe people through Native perspectives. They will learn how to apply the latest climate research, from sources like the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts, to determine if culture and science agree that climate change is affecting all people and cultures.

“This Institute provides teachers with the training and tools to create hands-on service projects and dynamic lessons for their students to address climate change while incorporating a national park experience either within or outside the boundaries of a national park," said Neil Howk, assistant chief of interpretation and education at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Teachers will also lead their students on field trips to parks they are studying to deepen their understanding of climate change and their connection to the national parks. Service learning projects and lesson plans developed by the Institute participants are shared through the Parks Climate Challenge website so teachers everywhere can replicate the learning strategies.

Besides outstanding experiential professional development from nationally recognized instructors, teachers can receive a $400 stipend, credit, and transportation funds to bring their class to a national park for climate change field experiences. Applications to participate in the institute are due June 21st.

For more information about the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore “Changing Climate, Changing Culture” Teacher Institute contact Cathy Techtmann, UW-Extension Environmental Outreach State Specialist at 715.561.2695 or visit this site.


Somehow, I suspect this "workshop" will have only one side of the issue. Got to keep the indoctrination going.

ec--I happen to know the Superintendent of Apostle Islands and have respect for his honesty and integrity. I am sure that this workshop will explore the varying opinions about climate change.


I am sure that this workshop will explore the varying opinions about climate change.

Which is why he already has billed the workshop as a way to demonstrate the impact.

Would love to see the syllabus.

{added} Yeah - balanced.

Traveler, thank you for this post. As the vast majority of world scientific opinion supports the issues surrounding climate change, and the discussion of same, its appropriate to see our parks having programs such as this. I realize that there maybe many who do not agree, and that is OK, but it is happening for all to see.

Thanks for sharing the superintendent's power point presentation, EC, as it clearly shows via a strong list of agencies and individual researchers how the climate has been changing around the lakeshore.

As the vast majority of world scientific opinion supports the issues surrounding climate change

Please show us the poll that solicited the opinion of the vast majority of world's scientists.

changing around the lakeshore

Yes Kurt- it was a great (and ypical) onesided presentation that "blames" (by inference) the warming on human action yet provides no such proof nor does it provide the evidence that CO2 emissions don't necessarily result in "climate change".

EC, I don't see any blame in the presentation placed on anthropogenic causes.

As for the world's scientists, it has been frequently stated by the IPCC and others that the majority of climate scientists agree on the causes of climate change. The last two links below provide a fairly good list of the scientific organizations (U.S. and international associations) that agree.

it has been frequently stated by the IPCC

And many of you believe if you say it enough it is true.

Do you know where that "97%" in "97% of scientists agree comes from? A graduate student sent out surveys to a selected 10000 "scientitsts" - mostly in the US. Some 300 responses were returned - many citing the poor structure of the survey. The student then hand selected 77 of those responses - after reveiwing them - and based his 97% on that sampling.

That 97% number is based on the hand selection of 77 people. But gets quoted as 97% of all scientist.

Unfortunately, that's what the AGW pumpers believe is the scientific method. That and "hide the decline" and supressing contrary science.

I don't see any blame in the presentation

You must of missed the slides on CO2 emmissions and what we can do about CC.

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