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Reader Participation Day: Will Record Heat And Major Wildfires Change Your Vacation Plans?


Is the summer heat luring you to a cool mountain locale, such as the Two Medicine area at Glacier National Park? Photo by Jim Burnett.

We're just entering the peak of the summer vacation season, but 2012 has already set some unwelcome records, including destructive wildfires and all-time high temperatures in many states.

The scorching weather may make some parks—including lakes, seashores and higher elevation locales—even more appealing, although the publicity from major western fires may give some vacationers pause. There's a lot at stake for areas whose economy depends heavily on tourism, and the governor of Colorado has emphasized that the majority of the state is unaffected by the blazes.

How about you? Will you alter your summer vacation plans based this year's heat and fires? If so, what changes will you make?


I'm at Rocky Mountain National Park with Family Nature Summits.

I've been in the park every day so far and there doesn't seem to be any sign of the wildfires.

Constructions on the other hand is causing some traffic delays.

So come on out.



Well, I don't have any imminent National Park plans, but the Duck Lake fire in northern Michigan (21,000 acres) in May has actually altered my general travel plans. I'm hoping to get up there within the next couple weeks to explore the fire area. Lots of fascinating plant and animal life appears following a fire. I wouldn't go near an active fire so as not to become part of the problem (traffic, etc.), but exploring recent fires is fascinating stuff.

I spent last weekend in Great Sand Dunes NP - no sign of fires/smoke there either. Had great time...

Glad to hear RMNP near Estes Park is unaffected. We'll be out in early August. I did change our reservations to different lodging, as there were structure fires next door to our original choice.

I just finished a 15 day roadtrip with a teen & tween from TX - up the Natchez Trace Parkway - over to Tupelo - to Chattanooga for hiking Signal Mountain and touring Chickamauga Battleground - east to TN, across the Appalachians and under [dang no time] the Blue Ridge Parkway - to NC/SC/GA/AL down to Ft Pickens and Pensacola Beach and back to TX. Took the 105degree heat with us, followed by major thunderstorms. It was an interesting, educational and stressful trip. LOL

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