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Reader Participation Day: What Draws You To Yosemite National Park, Big Rock Or Big Water?


Does it matter to you if, during your visit to Yosemite, Yosemite Fall is not falling? Kurt Repanshek photo.

When you first enter the imposing valley at Yosemite National Park, your eyes are drawn both to the towering walls of granite that frame the valley, as well as the wispy waterfalls. But which brings you to the park?

Do you head to Yosemite primarily to take in the magnificence of Half Dome, El Capitan, Glacier Point, and the granite domes of the high country, or is your main desire to see the Yosemite Fall, Nevada Fall, and Bridalveil Fall at full throttle?


Hiking is what draws us to any Natl Park ... so I guess that means the big rocks.  The waterfalls are the cooling-down bonus after a hard day of hiking .... IF you can get close enuf to chill out.

Wow, at first I thought it was an easy question but then when I further read the details it became harder. However I am going to stick with my instinct - which was "big rock." Big rock is what MAKES Yosemite. The falls are lovely decorations, though.

What draws me to Yosemite are the panoramic views. And the best to get there is to take on the big rock. But what a pay off!!

At least a full day in the valley, always. Then it is off to the Toulumne Meadows environs (by auto, bus or foot) for some lengthy mosey meandering..

Depends on the time of year!!! But mostly Big Rock and Little Brother (so lucky to have my own personal interpretive ranger brother and sister-in-law!) 

Will never ever forget my first time in the valley, seeing El Capitan for the very first time, took my breath away.  Looking down on the valley water falls from the top of Glacier Point, and then staying beyond sunset to enjoy the night sky is one of the best ways to spend a spring day/night. 

Sentinel Dome is another amazing way to see the valley.  Winter is gorgeous.  Yes, the valley gets farrrrr too crowded, and often we don't even go into the valley knowing the nightmare that is the vehicle and pedestrian traffic, but that's when it's a good time to enjoy Tuolumne or Wawonna, or any other part of this jewel of the world.

I loved my first visit to Yosemite in 2009, especially the magic waterfalls and the massive rock formations. The waterfalls were entrancing.Coming from Australia, it was so very different! We only had few hours to see it, but it was wonderful! Can't wait to go back!!

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