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Cow Elk at Olympic National Park Killed After Becoming Too Brazen Around Park Visitors


A cow elk that had become brazen around visitors to the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park was put down by rangers after efforts to haze the animal proved fruitless, park officials said.

The animal was killed Monday with two shots to its heart, a park release said. The cow fell on a gravel bar approximately 100 yards west of the Hoh campground’s A Loop, the release added.

Rangers took tissue samples and a section of the animal’s brain for analysis by Park Service wildlife biologists. The rest of the carcass was relocated away from visitor use areas and will be removed through natural processes.

The cow, identified through its distinctive beard, long legs and paint markings, is the same animal that damaged a tent and charged a patrol vehicle in the campground’s A Loop June 17, forcing a closure of the Hoh for the rest of the day. Rangers closely monitored the cow and two small herds of elk over the weekend, hazing the animal when it entered the vicinity of humans. This morning, the cow again charged two vehicles, which led to the decision to remove it.


“After careful consideration, we determined lethal removal to be the appropriate course of action in this situation,” said Olympic Superintendent Karen Gustin. “We hope that lab results will tell us more about the possible reasons for this animal’s unpredictable behavior.”

According to the park release, "Roosevelt elk in the Hoh Rain Forest have exhibited signs of habituation—becoming abnormally comfortable in the presence of humans—in the past. Area rangers continue to educate park visitors on how to recognize signs of habituation, the need for and reasoning behind hazing of animals, and the importance of not feeding wildlife.

"Habituation creates a dangerous situation for both the animal and for park visitors. People who approach elk place themselves at even greater risk, as elk can aggressively charge people and cause injury with hooves or antlers. In turn, the elks’ safety is jeopardized, as biologists must consider serious action, including lethal removal."

There also were reports of elk becoming overly habituated to humans last summer. In response, rangers began a "concentrated program to discourage interactions between elk and humans—including temporary closures of Hoh Rain Forest nature trails while elk are using the areas and employment of a variety of techniques to drive elk from the most heavily-used visitor areas."

“The Roosevelt elk is one of Olympic’s most beautiful and iconic animals,” said Superintendent Gustin. “At the same time, elk pose a very real hazard to people who approach too closely—to avoid injury and to protect the animals, visitors should remain at least 50 yards from elk and other park wildlife.”


Couldn't we just tranq it and move it to a more remote area?

So what would really be the answer for a non reality based environment where everything is protected.  OK, bring in the wolves and keep your children inside:)?

Whatever happened to the concept of the national park protecting wildlife from
trigger happy hunters even if they were in an NPS RANGER DISGUISE ?  AFTER 9/11
PARK RANGERS have become more fascist toward selected visitors and wildlife.  Ifevery cow elk which approached a visitor at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park wereshot, there would be little left of the small Prairie Herd.  Tragically, more NPS Rangers and their allies representan armed security force with little interest in learning and teaching wildlife biology. What is unusual about any Mother protecting its Young ?  Why not close off areas from visitor use rather than continue to persecute wildlife.I am glad that the California State Park system remains State even though the Fedshave the budget with additional borrowed funds in a USA Debtor Nation.  I can recallother instances of trigger happy rangers destroying wildlife based on a perceived ormisunderstood notions.  If our national parks and other more natural wildland areasare no longer managed as a refuge for wildlife from NRA guns, our national Wild Heritage becomes the Loser.  Let the Bears be Bears without being studied and persecuted to death

[email protected] 22, 2011 - 1:27pm,
[size= 14px; line-height: 18px]Please learn to type before posting comments in a public forum...  There was
no mention of a "Mother protecting its Young" (sic).  This is a 1,000+
lbs animal that had become habituated to human presence.  Lethal
removal, while tragic, is unavoidable in this case.

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