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George Washington Carver National Monument Lost Power, But Generally Unscathed By Joplin Tornado


Two days without power and some damaged trees were the extent of damage
sustained by George Washington Carver National Monument from the tornado
that devastated much of nearby Joplin, Missouri, earlier this week.

Superintendent James Heaney says power wasn't restored to the monument until about 3 p.m. Tuesday, but that visitor operations were never affected.

“The park did not sustain any damage that we wouldn’t have normally gotten from a bad storm. A couple tree limbs down, leaves all over, but other than that no destruction to any historic resources and building," he said Wednesday.

The monument, which marks the birthplace of George Washington Carver and traces his early life's history, is located about 15 miles south of Joplin.

Interestingly, the cabin where George Washington Carver was born was destroyed by a tornado in the early 1880s. Today you can see approximately where the cabin stood.

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