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We'd Like to Welcome the Glacier National Park Fund to Our List of Sponsors


The Glacier National Park Fund is the latest sponsor of the Traveler.

We'd like to welcome the Glacier National Park Fund to our list of sponsors, and thank this organization for supporting not just Glacier National Park but also our mission here at the Traveler.

In short, this organization works every day to support the preservation of the outstanding natural beauty and cultural heritage of Glacier for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations by fostering public awareness and encouraging private philanthropy.

The longer story is one that looks at the trail work they've made possible through their donations and programs, wildlife research they've funded, restoration of park facilities they've made possible, as well as campground improvements they've underwritten and the kids they have introduced to the park.

The National Park Service just doesn't have the fiscal resources to do everything that needs to be done in places such as Glacier, and that's where groups such as the Glacier Fund step in to shoulder some of the load.

By sponsoring the Traveler, the Glacier Fund not only helps us continue and expand our coverage of the National Park System and the wonderful, interesting, and inspiring places within it, but supports our mission of recruiting more advocates for the national parks.

Take a minute and check out their website to see all that they do, and to consider becoming a member to help support their work.


Great Partnership!

This looks great, Kurt! Thanks!!

Thanks, Kurt, it looks great!

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