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Joshua Tree National Park Gearing Up For 75th Anniversary


Joshua Tree National Park marks its 75th birthday in 2011 and officials plan to celebrate all year with special events.

Joshua Tree National Park is gearing up for its 75th anniversary, which arrives next year, and has created a separate website to help you stay abreast of news and events associated with the year-long celebration.

The website -- -- is a little empty right now, but will be filling with content as more events are pinned down. The site will contain information, articles, a calendar of events, and interactive features designed provide information and promote public involvement with the park during its anniversary year, according to park officials.

To coordinate 75th anniversary activities, the park has hired George Land to be the 75th Anniversary Coordinator.

Joshua Tree was established as a national monument on August 10, 1936, by a Presidential Proclamation signed by President Franklin Roosevelt. In 1994, Joshua Tree was expanded in size and re-designated a national park when Congress passed, and President Clinton, signed the California Desert Protection Act on October 31, 1994.

The park and its partners plan to use the entire 2011 year to host special events and activities that will focus on the park’s history, its future, and the relationship that
Californians, all Americans, and a growing number of international visitors have with the park and its “75 years of inspiration.”

The site also will contain a simple application for community organizations and individuals who wish to apply to host sanctioned 75th anniversary events. Other features will include a photo gallery of the park and a place where people can leave memories of past trips to Joshua Tree.

The site will be frequently updated as details on planned anniversary events are developed, park officials said.

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