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Two More Hikers Missing in Sequoia National Park Turn Up OK


A father and son reported missing in Sequoia National Park earlier this week have turned up safe and sound, though far off their intended backcountry route, according to park officials.

The two, Sina Sadeghi Baghsorkhi, 27, and Abdolreza Sadeghi, 56, had planned a 36-mile cross-country loop hike in the Mount Whitney area. They were reported missing while park rangers were involved with a search-and-rescue mission for three Nebraska men who were stranded in the Mount Whitney Hut by a snowstorm Monday.

According to Sequoia officials, the father and son hiked out of the backcountry in the Cedar Grove area about 1 a.m. Friday. Where the duo exited the park was about 50 miles away from their intended loop hike, according to a park release.

Park officials were unable to interview the two, and didn't know how much of their loop hike they had completed before heading in another direction, or where the two were from.

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