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Body of Missing Climber Found in North Cascades National Park


The body of a Seattle attorney who planned to climb Storm King Mountain in North Cascades National Park by himself has been found on a steep north-facing slope of the mountain, according to park officials.

John Arum, the 49-year-old son of boxing promoter Bob Arum, had headed into the park on August 28, and was reported missing two days later. Searchers had found his backpack on Wednesday at the 7,400-foot elevation level directly below Storm King Mountain’s 8,500-foot summit.

On Thursday the man's day pack was found at about 8,000 feet on the mountain, and late Friday afternoon his body was spotted about 300 feet below that spot, park officials said. While previous flights had been made in this area, recent snow melt made it possible to locate his body, park spokesperson Kerry Olson said.

Recovering the body was going to be tricky due to the steep, technical, and unstable terrain in the area, the spokesperson said.


Our deepest sympathies to all following this story, especially the Arum Family. What a environmental attorney, as well.

I knew John. He was a really good guy. He will be missed.

More info on the challenging recovery and personal details can be found at:
Sounds like quite a guy; rest in peace...

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