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Curious About Landing A Permit to Float Dinosaur National Monument? Call This Number for Available Dates


Whether you're interested in floating the Yampa River, top, or the Green River, bottom, through Dinosaur National Monument, getting permit information just got a lot easier. NPT photo, top, NPS photo, bottom.

Who says those automated phone answering systems, the ones that incessantly ask you to push this number for that information or that number for this tidbit, can't be helpful? A new one operating at Dinosaur National Monument helps you learn relatively quickly when you might be able to land a permit to float the Green or Yampa rivers in the park.

While landing a permit for one of those two rivers isn't as hard, say, as obtaining one to float the Colorado through Grand Canyon National Park, it can be irritating when you constantly get a busy signal or a recorded message suggesting you call back at another time.

Each year several thousand river enthusiasts call the Dinosaur River Office hoping for a chance at a river permit or to ask questions about the rivers. The River Office is staffed by one ranger with one phone line; so many hopeful rafters have been unable to get through to the River Office due to the limited phone service and personnel. Unsuccessful callers, who experienced endless busy signals, often gave up their quest frustrated and dissatisfied. Furthermore, boaters who had in-depth questions had to compete with callers seeking flow information and launch availability. It has been a frustrating situation for both visitors and park staff.

Those woes are behind us now, thanks to a call-in system devised by a Boulder, Colorado, software design company, Corybant, Inc. The new River Information Line provides information regarding available launches, river flows and road closures and conditions within the monument. This automated system is available to callers 24-hours a day and can take up to 500 calls at a time, meaning that callers don’t have to wait to get the most frequently requested river information.

Within its first week, the Information Line received 1,785 inquiries and continues to receive an average of more than 50 calls per day. It is now much easier for callers who need to speak directly to a ranger to actually get through to the River Office. The monument estimates that the River Information Line saves an average of almost four hours per day that the River Office ranger can devote to other duties and provide better customer service in other areas.

“The Dinosaur National Monument River Information Line is a shining example of using technology, to meet our mission, improve efficiency and offer better customer service,” says monument Superintendent Mary Risser. “The system has created the freedom for us to reassign some job duties to meet larger park goals, and in doing so we are able to offer a much better customer service experience for our callers.”

The River Information Line utilizes Corybant’s IVEENA® technology, which is distributed nationally and can be customized to fit the needs of any company or agency. The information is updated by the River Office through a web interface and the updates are registered with IVEENA® into a secure database. This database then synchronizes the telephone scripts with the database to provide the updated information to callers in real time.

Oh, and the number? It's 866-825-2995. If you want to reach a ranger in the River Office, try 970-374-2468.

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