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Yosemite National Park Boasts One Very, Very, Very Old Lodgepole Pine


This lodgepole, found in Yosemite National Park just east of Tuolumne, is believed to have germinated in 1381. The bottom shot is the slice of tree trunk used to date the tree. It was taken from a fire scar. NPS photos.

Since we're taking a look today at champion trees as recognized by American Forests, it seems appropriate that we toss a bit more national park tree trivia your way. According to the folks at Yosemite National Park, the oldest known lodgepole pine in the United States is located just a bit east of Tuolumne.

Dendrologists, who took a tree-ring sample from a fire scar to minimize harm to this living tree, believe it would have germinated in the year 1381.

Hardly looks a day over 628 years!

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