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Reader Participation Day Bonus Survey: What Do You Think Of The President's Off-Shore Drilling Plan?


Coastal areas shaded yellow would be open for off-shore energy exploration under a proposal by the Obama administration. DOI graphic.

President Obama's announcement that he will pursue off-shore drilling along much of the Eastern Seaboard spurred this week's "bonus" Reader Participation Survey.

What do you think of drilling rigs being planted off the coasts of Assateague Island, Cape Hatteras, Cape Lookout, and Canaveral national seashores, not to mention Cumberland Island National Park?

With questionable reserves, -- Interior Department estimates say the areas proposed to be opened to exploration contain about a three-year supply of oil and between two and three years' worth of natural gas -- are the risks to the environment acceptable?


Yes, the risks are worth it. Oil is a necessity and you can’t let our country be beholden to any countries that use it as a weapon or tool. The chances of danger to the environment are quite small looking at the record for offshore drilling and the sight of a drilling rig is no more offensive than a very obese woman wearing a thong. The shocker for me is that this president made this move.

At my age I doubt that I'll see it, but I'll be happy when the day comes where we no longer need oil or coal and get our 'power' exclusively from the sun and wind, etc. However, we're a long, long way from that day. Therefore, this move by Obama is the right thing to do - at this time.

I far prefer this to drilling in ANWR or shale drilling in Utah. As long as commercially reasonable, offshore drilling near population centers is something I can support, since there is a built in mechanism to not screw it up. I am a believer in the behavioral concept that sunshine is the best disinfectant.

What do you call a President who escalates war, kills a public option and wants coastal oil drilling?
The GOP calls him 'Liberal.'

I have to agree with Kevin, above. I was surprised to hear the announcement, but until I see the details can't really make an informed decision.

Random Walker - I call him light years better than the one he replaced.

I'm just wondering what the reaction would be if this were a Republican making this decision. Methinks it would be quite different.
As for being light years better, really? Escalating the Afghan war, extending the Patriot Act, coming up completely empty in Copenhagen, now offshore drilling. Sounds like Bush III.

What do I think of the plan? I'm surprised that Obama would risk the outrage from far left enviros by appealing to the center through off-shore oil and gas extraction. Perhaps we are watching the last campaign for hope and change before the November elections and what appears to be political suicide for the democrat party over health "reform." As to the plan itself, it appears quite modest - three year supply - and leaves me wondering if there's more behind the curtain, perhaps cap and tax legislation and other "reforms."

He's a phony,there will never be one drill rig put up while he is there. You really can't see through this? Come on people.

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