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National Park Mystery Photo 18: What's One More Monument/Statue/Memorial in the National Park System?

Where in the National Park System do you have to go to snap this shot? NPS photo.

Tour the National Park System and you'll find more than a few statues, monuments, and memorials. Statues of war heroes, monuments honoring something that happened (usually long ago), and memorials honoring somebody or some event (usually somber). But what's the motivation behind this memorial, and where is it?

If you don't know, tomorrow we'll provide the details.


I think this monument is inside Dayton Aviation Heritage NHS. It is part of the unit that is inside the air force base.

Ahhh, right you are, Griz. Have you been there and do you know specifically why the memorial was erected?

For more details, check back tomorrow.

I have been there but I do not remember why the monument was erected. I think they may have done some test flights in a field there before moving to a "better location" at Kill Devil Hills.

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