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Reader Participation Day: What "Must Have" Article Do You Pack for a National Park Visit?


Are binoculars a must-have item for your national park trips?

It never fails. Before heading out to a national park, my wife and I always remind each other to grab the birding guide. And we always forget it. Which raises a question: What item do you always make sure is in your duffel for your national park trips?

Is it a bird book? Plant identification guide? Pair of binoculars? Hiking sticks?

What indispensable item do you make sure to pack for your treks to national parks?


Of course that would be my digital camera with a 12 zoom (for all of the animal shots!), brand new memory cards, and extra batteries!! Even if it's the same park we've been to a few times before, I can't help taking tons of pictures. And one of these days I'll have them all scrapbooked!

Remember those binoculars we found? Always have them...

I never forget my Nat'l Parks Passport books. These books record our visits to 120+ NP units. We'll be visiting Theodore Roosevelt NP as well as other North Dakota sites next week.

I always try to bring a tree or wildflower guidebook. But like Kurt & his wife, I only sometimes remember it. So...I started to leave an extra one in my truck, although it may not always apply to the region I'm in at the time, it does often enough to make having it worth while. Now I have a tattered one I take with, and a less tattered one I refer to at home.

A compass !!

My best walking shoes with a good pair of sox.

Binoculars and bird book for sure. We are like you, however, and seem to remember everything but.
If you forget, or decide not to take, your camera, you are absolutely guaranteed to see some once in a lifetime sight!

My National Park Pass.

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