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Is Someone Missing in the Backcountry of Sequoia National Park?


A fairly well-stocked, but empty, campsite in the backcountry of Sequoia National Park has rangers wondering if someone is in trouble in the park.

As a result, park officials are asking for the public's assistance in obtaining information about the campsite found abandoned near Twin Lakes. They say the campsite seems to have much of the gear and food supplies still in it. No identification from the person who set up the camp has been found.

Rangers received a report Sunday from two hikers who noticed the campsite had not been occupied in more than 24 hours. This report follows a sketchy report from a hiker approximately a week ago, but he did not have much information for rangers to go on. At this time there are no unresolved reports of overdue hikers, no abandoned vehicles, and no Wilderness Permits that are associated with this situation.

Two rangers, aided by a helicopter crew, conducted a hasty search but did not find anyone associated with the campsite.

The National Park Service is currently asking for any person who was in the Twin Lakes area including hiking between Lodgepole and Silliman Pass since October 31, 2008 to contact rangers with any information that will aid in this investigation.

“We are looking for information about when this camp was setup, so even if someone did not see the camp, that would provide information to our investigation,” Incident Commander Kyle Nelson said.

The park's dispatch office can be reached at 1-559-565-3341 extension 0, 24 hours a day.


Twin Lakes is one of my favorite spots to stop for a night in the SEKI backcountry. I hope no one is in trouble up there.

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