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Nevada Barr’s Latest Anna Pigeon Book is Set for April Release


Nevada’s real-life sister Molly Barr. Will the fictional Molly be left out in the cold in Nevada’s new book? Mythicbells Persians cattery photo.

There’s good news for Nevada Barr fans. The best selling author has sent another manuscript off to the printer. Borderline the 15th novel starring super ranger Anna Pigeon, is due out in April. This one’s set in Big Bend National Park, and Nevada’s sister Molly says it’s a dandy.

As regular Traveler readers may recall, I posted a pre-review of this book last May. Of course, writing a review of a book before it is even written is an exceedingly difficult task at which few can be expected to excel. How well did I do? Well, we won’t know for 100 percent sure until Borderline hits the bookstores in April. Meanwhile, you can get a pretty good idea by reading my pre-review and then the comment-in-reply that Nevada’s sister Molly Barr posted after it.

It looks like my pre-review won’t be too far off the mark. If you grade it on a curve, it might be a B+. What do you think; should I pre-review book #16, or would you rather not know the details?

Postscript: By remarkable coincidence, the fictional Anna Pigeon has a fictional sister named Molly. Now, if that fictional sister were also a retired airline pilot, a skilled webmaster, an accomplished artist, and a breeder of fine Persian cats like the real Molly, that would be a real coincidence!


Molly (the real sister) is for some reason protecting Nevada Barr. Other authors answer their own mail. Molly seems to be hostile and over-reacting to anything written even by real fans of Nevada. What is going on?

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