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Bull Elk Poached in Glacier National Park


The shot was good, but the location wasn't. And the result was that a 16-year-old could be facing charges for poaching a bull elk inside Glacier National Park.

According to park officials, back on November 12 two hunters located outside of the park near the Nyack Creek area of the Middle Fork of the Flathead River were watching elk inside the park when they heard a gun shot. The two reported seeing the bull elk recoil, stumble, and fall along the boundary trail inside the park. They then witnessed a 16-year-old within sight of the dead elk.

Glacier Chief Park Ranger Mark Foust says rangers contacted the juvenile suspect later that morning and confiscated the elk. A joint investigation was conducted by park rangers and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wardens wherein the elk was transferred to FWP and the meat was donated to the Flathead Food Bank.


Why give it to the food bank? This kid is 16! Did he know where the boundary was? Wouldn't a warning suffice? I bet if the kid was a "native" they would have let him go...because he would be hunting as part of his "culture" dontcha know.

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