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How Much is that Campsite--Update



As a follow-up to my post a month ago about Yosemite campsites winding up on Ebay, I've discovered that the folks in Sequoia don't permit the sale or transfer of backcountry permits.

Right there on Sequoia's backcountry permit application, in bold lettering in the "Fees/Payment" box, is the advisory that, Reservations are non-refundable, non-transferable, and not for re-sale.

So, apparently one park unit has taken a stand against the scalping of campsites. Of course, how they enforce it is another question.


Kudo's to Sequoia National Park! Top on the list as my favorite park to visit. Great great staff and excellent interpretive center.

Enforcement would be the key issue. If they could check I.Ds half as well as they check my sneakers at the airport there shouldn't be a problem. I just hope it wouldn't interfere with the purchase of either a campsite or any type of back country permit as a gift to someone that you know would cherish it.

How hard would it be for an NPS staff member (reservations agent, security, etc.) to monitor e-bay, obtain the winning bid, and set up a "sting" operation on the seller? How about a nice big check imprinted with "YOU'RE BUSTED!" in the memo section. Let's treat these clowns like the prostitutes they are and shut down this outrageous behavior before it escalates into a greater problem involving the entire NPS.

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