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Arches Issues EA on Salt Wash


    Officials at Arches National Park have released their preferred alternative for repairing a stretch of trail that leads across Salt Wash to Delicate Arch.
    The trail was washed out last October and a temporary footbridge was put in place. The park's environmental assessment analyzed four solutions:
    1. Continue using the temporary footbridge.
    2. Fill the new channel created by the flooding with boulders stabilized by concrete and rebuild the trail across the top.
    3. Build a concrete double box culvert in the new channel, with a trail on top of the culvert.
    4. Install a prefabricated weathering steel, clear-span truss bridge across the new channel.
    Park officials prefer option four and will take public comment on the four options through June 13th before making a final decision. You can comment on the plan here.

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