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Rebuilding Mount Rainier


    The New York Times has a good story today about the effort to put Mount Rainier back together again in the aftermath of last fall's rain storms. Part of that effort involves trying to better understand climate change and anticipate what future storms might bring.
    Some national parks have been feeling the effects of climate change for years, including Glacier National Park in Montana and parks in Alaska, writes the Times' William Yardley. A comprehensive plan for climate change in the parks that would include how to respond when public areas are damaged is in the formative stage, said Julie Thomas McNamee, a spokeswoman for the parks agency in Washington, D.C.
    Parks in the West have been leading efforts to deal with climate change. To do so, officials say, they have to balance access and preservation. At Mount Rainier, that means protecting spotted owls, marbled murrelets and bull trout.

    It's a good read to help you stay on top of the situation at Rainier.

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