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Mary Wants New Plan for Ft. Pickens Access


    Mary wants the folks at Gulf Islands National Seashore to rethink their initial plan to rebuild the Fort Pickens Road on Santa Rosa Island with a little more muscle.
    Taking into consideration the concern of scientists and coastal experts who disapproved of the seashore's proposal for rebuilding the road, the National Park Service director has called for a plan that better addresses the shifting nature of the island's sand beds as well as the resident flora and fauna.
    In a letter released Tuesday, Bomar acknowledged concerns of coastal scientists and others who believe the controversial proposal authorities first came up with to protect Fort Pickens Road and J. Earle Bowden Way could cause further damage to the fragile barrier island, writes the Pensacola News Journal.
    That proposal called for sand berms, broad asphalt aprons, underground sheet metal and plastic sand bags.
    "The (National Park Service) has concluded that the impacts of adding the above-listed structures require a new and more in-depth look at alternatives," Bomar wrote.

    You can find the rest of the story here.

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