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GAO To Look Into Yellowstone Bison Management


    Well, the Democrats in Congress aren't wasting much time before deciding to take a look at how the National Park Service is conducting its operations.
    Just about three weeks ago I posted about the oversight intentions  voiced by Representative Nick Joe Rahall, the chair of the House Natural Resources Committee. Now comes word that Rahall has asked the Government Accountability Office to take a close look at how Yellowstone officials are managing the park's bison herd.
    That development should not be startling, as earlier this month Rahall said that, "After six years and millions of dollars, implementation of the 2000 Yellowstone Bison Management Plan has not proceeded beyond the first phase of the plan. Thousands of bison have been slaughtered under the plan and the committee will explore ways to protect and properly manage these living symbols of America."
    Don't be surprised if Rahall also focuses on the Yellowstone snowmobile issue, as in the past he has been a vocal opponent of snowmobiles in the park.

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