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Summer Specials At Yellowstone


    I've always kinda wanted to learn how to fly fish. I say "kinda" because I've heard it can become an addiction. First you buy a moderately priced rod and reel. Then you begin to bone up on entomology, which leads to a need to learn how to tie flies. And that, of course, leads to a need to invest in a top-of-the-line rod and reel. And then you stand in water for hours on end.
    Well, I've already got enough toys in my garage and not enough time on my hands, so fly fishing is not in the cards. But if you've always harbored an interest in learning, and want to mix that interest with a trip to Yellowstone, well, the folks at Xanterra Parks & Resorts have a deal for you.
     For $1,649 per person, and tax, of course, you can sign on for a fly-fishing school in the park that includes four nights in a Frontier Cabin at Lake Yellowstone. The package includes all breakfasts and lunches, one dinner, in-park transportation, eight hours of fly-fishing lessons every day, and use of equipment, including waders. For more details, check out the Yellowstone Fly Fishing School.
    Xanterra also is offering a five-night "Total Yellowstone" package this summer. This package, which kicks off on Sunday nights beginning July 1 and running through August 17th, are for adults and kids at lest eight years old. It features guided walks, a boat tour, horseback ride, and wildlife watching in the Lamar Valley.
    Each day follows a specific theme, whether it be "Great Geysers," "Lakes, Rivers and Waterfalls," or "Critters and Cowboys." The lodging includes three nights at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, a beautiful hotel across from the Old Faithful Inn, and two nights at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, which isn't quite as nice but holds quite a bit of history.
    Included for the price of $1,229 per person, plus tax, for adults and $659 for children under 12 are all breakfasts, lunches and dinners, tours, guides, a gift for each person, a final night group campfire program, and a photo CD.
    For more information on either package or to make reservations, call 866-439-7375, or visit Xanterra's Yellowstone web site.

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