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Blizzard Buries Rocky Mountain NP


    Boy, talk about a little snow. Back in October an early season snowstorm dumped a foot and more of snow on Rocky Mountain National Park. Turns out that was nothing compared to the storm that barreled through Colorado yesterday and today.
    According to park spokeswoman Kyle Patterson, more than two feet of snow fell on some parts of Rocky Mountain.
    Not surprisingly, there are some road closures in the park. On the east side of the park, the Bear Lake Road has been opened to the Bear Lake Park and Ride, which is about 5.5 miles in from the Beaver Meadows Entrance. U.S. 34 also has been opened from the Fall River Entrance to Deer Ridge Junction as well as to the usual seasonal closure point at the Alluvial Fan/Old Fall River Road. The Fern Lake Road, however, is closed.
    Patterson says park crews don't expect to have the rest of the Bear Lake Road or the road to Hidden Valley open until sometime tomorrow.
    On the west side of the park, U.S. 34 is open to the Colorado River Trailhead.
    If you plan to head to Rocky Mountain, snowtires or chains are recommended.

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