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Where's Mary?


    Mary has been keeping a low profile since being confirmed as director of the National Park Service, and that's understandable. She's actually been meeting one-on-one with her senior staff, something I've been told Fran didn't relish, and boning up on all the things Park Service directors should bone up on.
    That said, I'm wondering if she's going to jump on a plane to the northwest to personally inspect the storm damage inflicted this week on Olympic, Mount Rainier, and Glacier national parks?
    While Fran had a penchant for visiting national parks because, well, because she wanted to be known as the director who visited the most, Mary has an incredible opportunity here. Not only can she demonstrate her heart-felt concern for these three parks, and thus give us an inkling of her determination to be a front-and-center director willing to fight for the parks, but it no doubt would speak volumes to the on-the-ground park employees who have been displaced by these storms and will be spending weeks, if not months, putting their parks back together.
    I tried to get through to NPS headquarters today to inquire about Mary's plans, but with tomorrow being Veterans Day, federal employees have today off.

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