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Olympic's Storm Bill: $3 Million...So Far


    Well, the folks at Olympic National Park have come up with a preliminary estimate on their storm-related damage, and it's a good chunk of change -- $3 million and climbing.
    “As we assess park trails, and with the forecast calling for continued rain and high winds later this week, we will likely see the repair bill go higher,” says Olympic Superintendent BIll Laitner.
    Some of the greatest damage has been to the Hoh Road that leads to the park's Hoh Rain Forest. At this time that part of the park is inaccessible because three sections of the road were damaged by flooding from tributaries of the Hoh River.
    Park officials say the greatest damage occurred at West Twin Creek, where a  75-foot long and 25-foot deep section of road was washed away

    Here's a look at other damage in Olympic:
    * North Shore Quinault Road
    High winds Sunday left the North Shore Quinault Road littered with an estimated 50 old growth trees that closed the road and caused a temporary power outage throughout the Quinault, Amanda Park and Kalaloch areas.
    * Quinault South Shore Road
     Though the road is passable, debris remains along the road shoulders and the road surface is rough; caution is advised.
    * The North Fork Road at Quinault was damaged by flooding and remains closed; the North Fork Campground access road has been completely washed out. The Graves Creek Road remains closed.
    * The Hurricane Ridge Road is undamaged, but is closed today as a small crew begins snow removal.  About 15 inches of snow fell over the weekend; more is expected today and tomorrow.
    * Dosewallips, Staircase and Queets Roads remain closed due to previous damage and unsafe conditions. The Deer Park Road is closed for the season.
    * All other park areas are open.  Visitors are urged to use caution when traveling through the park and to come prepared for a variety of weather conditions, including high winds, heavy surf and heavy rain which are forecast for later this week.
    For updated information, call the park's road and weather information hot-line at 360-565-3131.


The North Shore Road on Quinault Lake is open as of this afternoon (11-13). Crews from several different agencies were out today chopping up the trees which had blocked the road. There were short delays for the machinery, but they certainly got it taken care of pretty quickly all things considered. There is now a sign up at the beginning of the Hoh Road but it does not indicate why it's closed.

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