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Sequoia's New Cave is Pretty Spectacular


Sequoiacave2_copy_1    Earlier this month came word about a cave that had been discovered in Sequoia National Park. Well, it turns out that it's quite a spectacular cave. Here's a snippet from a story the San Francisco Chronicle ran yesterday:
Millions of crystals along its walls shimmer like diamonds. Translucent mineral "curtains" hang from the ceiling. Flowstones that resemble spilled paint dot the floor. A lake that might be 20 feet deep fills one of the cave's five known rooms, and passages leading into darkness suggest there is still much more to see.

    Joel Despain, the park's cave manager, told the Chronicle that, "There are things in this cave that could really open windows into our knowledge of geologic history and the formation of caves throughout the West. We're just beginning to understand the scientific ramifications of this."
    You can find the rest of the story here. Be sure to check out the photos. They're pretty incredible.


Too bad none of us will ever be able to see this cave.

This looks awesome. Is there no way to access it for regular folks? Hunter H. Cashdollar

So is this place going to be strictly a research phenomenon for the forseeable future? Hunter H. Cashdollar

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