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Java Juice Delivers Fresh Brew in the Backcountry


Jj_logo_copy    For years I've searched for a good cup of coffee in the backcountry. Short of bringing my own espresso machine or resorting to a French Press system, I've had to make do with instant coffee, which just doesn't do the job.
    I think I've found the answer, though. At last week's Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City I ran into the folks behind Java Juice, which essentially is a pure coffee extract that turns into a bonafide cup of 100 percent organic, and certified Kosher, Arabica coffee when mixed with either hot or cold water.
    Dubbed "Black Gold" by its creators, this stuff is pretty darn good. It's not exactly like sitting down to a Starbuck's, but then, you are in the backcountry.
    Still, for those who need a punch of caffeine in the morning, one that actually tastes like a rich cup of coffee, Java Juice meets the need.
    It comes packaged in these little squeeze bags, similar, but larger, than the ketchup packets you get at fast-food joints. Each half-ounce packet contains enough coffee extract for a cup of coffee between 12 and 16 ounces, depending on how strong you like it.
    Another nice thing is the packaging. These units can stand up to 190 pounds per square inch of pressure, so you're not likely to open your pack to find coffee extract all over the place.
Retail price is about $1.50 per packet. Check with Java Juice for a retailer in your area.


Ok, you really GET it! We loved your review sir. I have one XL Java Juice T shirt left from the OR show- I would love to send it to you as a thanks- 100% organic cotton "squeeze the bean" slogan and new logo. If you like, the media kit on our home page has newer logo which you may want to use on your review. Also remind your peeps - save energy Don't Over Brew it- JJ tastes best in HOT not boiling water-Java Juice is ABC... already brewed coffee! Travel safe and leave no trace! a.karno' queen of cups

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