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Glacier, Yellowstone Fire Update


    Little news to report from the front lines of the fires in Glacier or Yellowstone.
    The Red Eagle Fire in Glacier is now estimated to cover 24,500 acres, up about 3,000 acres from the last mapping. The Cut Bank Creek Campground remains closed, as does U.S. 89 between Babb and Browning. While a small section of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, from the Rising Sun campground to St. Mary's, is closed, the rest of the road west to West Glacier is open, as is most of Glacier.
    Down in Yellowstone, the Magpie Fire is estimated to cover more than 1,100 acres, up from 890 acres estimated Sunday evening, but the change is largely the result of more accurate mapping, according to park officials.
    So, it appears the cold front that moved south through the Rockies yesterday didn't have as big an impact on the fires as some thought.

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