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NPS Fire Roundup


    While the Red Eagle Fire in Glacier National Park is capturing most of the headlines today, it's not the only fire burning within a National Park Service unit.
    The Magpie Fire in Yellowstone National Park is still burning and is estimated at 815 acres. However, officials say it could grow much larger before it goes out. The fire is encircled by an area burned by the North Fork Fire in 1988. Currently, the fire is not being actively fought but rather being allowed to burn as a resource tool in the backcountry.
    Over in South Dakota, the Witcher Fire in Badlands National Park covers an estimated 1,460 acres and is just about, if not already, fully contained.
    Up in Washington State, the Flick Fire is burning in North Cascades National Park. The fire is located about three miles southeast of Stehekin and as of this morning covered an estimated 4,615 acres and was just 30 percent contained. Firefighters are working to keep it from reaching Stehekin.
    And, the Bear Gulch II fire continues to burn just outside the Staircase area of Olympic National Park. Its size continues to be estimated at 250 acres.
    You can keep abreast of the fire situation by visiting the National Interagency Fire Center's web site.

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