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Fire in the (Yellowstone) Mountains


    The flames are whipping across a small section of Yellowstone National Park today, and it sounds like they'll turn out to be largely insignificant. I say that because the Magpie Fire, which covered nearly 350 acres when last mapped, is burning in an area surrounded by an old burn from the 1988 North Fork fire. As a result, there's likely not a lot of fuel for it to consume.
    For now the park's fire managers are taking a wait-and-watch approach to this fire. While the flames have forced the park to close a section of the Mary Mountain Trail east of the first bridge crossing Nez Perce Creek and west of Violet Creek, no backcountry campsites have been closed.
    Park officials say you can see the fire's smoke plume from this web cam, but the picture isn't the best quality. In fact, I can't make out any plume.
    To stay atop Yellowstone's fire activity, check out this web site.


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