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Some Additions to Traveler


    I've added a few helpful links to my blog in recent weeks to help you stay atop issues and news surrounding the national park system and the National Park Service.
    Folks simply looking for travel information on the parks will no doubt be interested in checking out the US National Parks Travel Guide, which carries just about all the travel info you'll need in putting together a vacation in the parks. I've stashed a link to the site, "U.S. Parks," under  "Park Connections."
     Then, all you anglers heading to Yellowstone will definitely want to check out Fly Fishing in Yellowstone National Park, a neat blog where you'll find the latest on what's biting and on what in Yellowstone's waters. You can regularly find this link under my "Blogroll."
    Also added is The Undercover Activist, an insightful blog written by Art Allen, a retired NPS employee who keeps a close check on the agency's pulse. His link also can be found under the "Blogroll."
    As time goes on I'll be adding more helpful links, so be sure to peruse my entire site from time to time to see what's new.


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