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Should Kalaloch Lodge at Olympic Be Moved?


Olymkalaloch_copy     It's not every day you move a lodge around in one of the national parks, but that's what the folks at Olympic National Park are suggesting in a draft of their updated management plan. According to a story in the Peninsula Daily News, park officials want to move the Kalaloch Lodge and its associated cabins back away from the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean because the buildings lie within an active coastal erosion zone.
    The plan, which will be open to three months of public comment beginning June 16th, also suggests that a section of U.S. 101 just outside the park be relocated to take it out of the erosion zone.
    Kalaloch is a wonderful lodge. It's not the most beautiful in the Olympic area, but it has a long history, and is in a great setting where you can fall asleep to the pounding surf. Though owned by one of parkdom's big corporate concessionaires, the lodge and its cabins still have a "mom and pop" feel to them. Hopefully that won't be lost if this relocation is approved.


no the lodge should not be moved. this is a historical site. the clay banks of the coast and river there should be worked on to prevent further erotion and to protect the lodge,cabins and campground.

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