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Going On the Road


    Well, summer is here, which means I won't always be. In fact, the coming week will take me on the road, and while I am able to line up some posts that will "magically" appear while I'm gone, I likely won't be able to stay on top of breaking news.
    Soooo, until I return, after you've checked out my latest (canned as it might be), be sure to surf over to Jeremy's Park Remark blog to see what he's been able to uncover from within the National Park Service. Another favorite site you shouldn't ignore is A Park for All Seasons, a wonderfully irreverent blog specific to my favorite park, Yellowstone. And then there's Yellowstone Park News, which also tracks life in the big park.
    And for your very own national park travelogue, skip over to Jesse's Life to see where the heck in the national park system Jesse Keller is these days. Last time I checked he was headed north, way north, to Alaska.
    Finally, if you need a news fix, check out this site for most of the latest news out of the national park system.

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