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Devil's Tower and the Schoodic Peninsula


    Trying to keep atop of what's going on throughout the entire national park system is more than one guy can do. I try, but it just can't be done. So, from time to time I'll toss in some others' accounts of the parks.
    For instance, did you realize that Devil's Tower National Monument  is a century old? The AP's Becky Bohrer headed over there to talk to some visitors and gain a perspective on its place within the national park system. You can read her thoughts here.
    Meanwhile, over at Newsday, a paper I read via the Internet to get my daily New York Yankees fix, Kathy Kerr headed up to the somewhat remote Schoodic Peninsula in Maine to visit that far-flung extension of Acadia National Park. I must admit that I was hoping to get out to Schoodic last June when my wife and I visited Acadia, but it was not in the cards. So, for those of you interested in that segment of Acadia, here's the story that Kathy filed.

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